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January 26, 2018

Inhofe Talks President Trump's Success and Missile Defense on the Radio

1.25.18 Cameron

Sen. Inhofe and Cameron Dole of KWHW Radio in Altus talked military funding, success under President Trump and tax reform.

On President Trump’s regulatory success:

“He gets such a hard time because, you know, his style is a little unorthodox, to say the least, but the things he ends up doing are pretty remarkable. For example, this tax thing is just unbelievable.”

Listen to the full segment here.

1.25.18 Todd



Sen. Inhofe and Todd Brunner of KWEY Radio in Weatherford talked continuing resolutions, tax reform and deregulation.

On continuing resolutions:

“This idea of continuing resolutions—all they do is take the bad policies of the previous administration and say: We’ll do the same thing next year. … We’ll do everything we can to keep that from happening.”

Listen to the full segment here.

1.25.18 Doug.Matt



Sen. Inhofe, J Douglas and Matt Socking of K101/KWOX Radio in Woodward talked the Schumer Shutdown and missile defense.

On President Trump and missile defense:

 “When Kim Jong came out after the November 28th demonstration that they could reach the United States of America, he came and said ‘I have a button now, I can push this and I can wipe out a city in America. ‘And our response was—our president’s response was ‘Yeah, but we have a button. It’s a bigger button. We have better technology. You try that, we’ll wipe you off the map.’ What happened the next day? North Korea notified South Korea that they were going to participate in their Winter Olympics that they were going to boycott before … That had to be the reason for that to take place.”

Listen to the full segment here.

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