WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) today re-introduced legislation with bipartisan support to withhold 20 percent of U.S. funding from the United Nations unless the President annually confirms to the U.S. Congress that the U.N. is not developing, promoting, or proposing any international taxes or fees to be levied on the United States Government or American citizens.
“Our government’s primary leverage on the United Nations is controlling the flow of our regular contributions,” Inhofe said.  “By collecting enormous global taxes on top of our regular contributions, the U.N. would be accountable to no one.  The United Nations’ abuse of international trust, rampant corruption and widespread waste are now all well known. Allowing this clearly dysfunctional institution to further extract U.S. dollars is absurd.  Permitting this would condone the U.N.’s long sought after goal of U.N.-led global governance – something not in the best interest of the Unites States.
“The United States already pays 27 percent of the U.N. peacekeeping budget and 22 percent of the regular U.N. dues and special assessments, the majority of which our government tracks very poorly.  To further loosen the reigns on the U.N. would be disastrous.  We cannot allow this group to further finance their waste, fraud and abuse on the backs of Americans.”
Senator Inhofe’s legislation (S.1623) directs that the United States withhold 20 percent of its assessed contributions to the regular U.N. budget unless Congress receives annual certification from the President that neither the United Nations, nor its affiliated agencies, have taxed and are not pursuing plans to tax the United States Government, U.S. nationals or corporate citizens.  Inhofe’s bill requires a two-thirds Senate majority vote to allow for any exceptions.
Throughout the last decade the U.N. has moved toward implementing global taxes on an endless list of items including: aviation fuel, ocean freight, financial transactions, arms sales, and airline tickets.  The U.N. proposes these global taxes as a means to boost United Nations funding and lessen the control that member countries may exert by withholding their regular contributions.  The U.N. has also proposed the creation of an international revenue service called the International Finance Facility or International Tax Organization as a first step toward the implementation of global taxes.
Senator Inhofe first introduced this legislation in the 109th Congress. The legislation will now be referred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.