Inhofe Votes in Favor of Bipartisan Cybersecurity Bill

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) today voted in favor of the bipartisan Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (S.754), legislation that would encourage private businesses to voluntarily collaborate with the government on cyber security threats and defenses. The legislation passed the Senate by a vote of 74 to 21.   

“Whether conducted by a single person or a foreign government, cyber attacks to garner Americans’ personal and private information or a business’ intellectual property has become a dangerous growing trend,” Inhofe said. “The largely publicized cyber attacks this past year have shown that hackers are collecting anything and everything they can, whether it be patents, medical records, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and more. These attacks pose endless and unknown risks to all Americans and businesses, whether the information is used to ruin a person’s credit or steal a company’s trade secrets. The Senate has passed a common sense, bipartisan solution to encourage the public and private sectors to work together to defeat future cyber crimes while also safeguarding Americans’ civil liberties.”

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