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September 17, 2018

Inhofe Votes to Support Oklahomans

Applauds Passage of Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act and the Opioid Crisis Response Act

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) voted for the Patient Right To Know Drug Prices Act and the Opioid Crisis Response Act today. Both bills will improve the lives of Oklahomans and passed the Senate with overwhelming bipartisan support.

The Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act would support consumers across Oklahoma by lifting regulations that keep Oklahomans from paying the lowest possible price for prescription medication. The legislation would prevent the use of “pharmacy gag clauses,” restrictions that keep pharmacists from proactively telling patients when it is more cost effective to pay out of pocket for prescription drugs than to use insurance.  

“On average, Americans spend over $1,000 each year on prescription drugs, but unfair rules, like the pharmacy gag clause, can keep them from paying the lowest possible price,” Inhofe said. “Oklahomans deserve the transparency and cost-savings this bill will provide.”   

The CBO estimates that enactment of this legislation would reduce the deficit by $40 million over 10 years.

Additionally, Senator Inhofe voted in favor of the landmark Opioid Crisis Response Act. This groundbreaking legislation will improve the ability of the Department of Health and Human Services to address the opioid crisis, including the ripple effects of the crisis on children, families, and communities; help states implement updates to their plans of safe care and improve data sharing between states. It includes language from the STOP Act, a bill cosponsored by Sen. Inhofe, that would prevent illegal synthetic opioids from being brought into the United States undetected.

“I applaud the Senate for working together on a bipartisan solution to help communities across the country ravaged by the opioid epidemic,” Inhofe said. “This legislation is the result of bipartisan hearings on the opioid crisis with FDA, NIH, CDC, SAMHSA, governors, experts and families—a true testament to the good that can happen when we come together.

“The opioid crisis has affected almost every community in America—especially in Oklahoma. This bill puts forward measures to reduce the use and supply of narcotics, encourage recovery, support caregivers and families and drive innovation and long-term solutions. It is a step in the right direction and I am eager to work towards more solutions to help end this public health emergency.”

In May, Sen. Inhofe hosted a roundtable with Congressman Markwayne Mullin to discuss how the opioid epidemic impacts veterans.  

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