WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, today welcomed Shellie Chard-McClary, Water Quality Division Director for the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and Association of Clean Water Administrators board member, before the Subcommittee on Water and Wildlife. Inhofe invited Chard-McClary to testify at today’s hearing on Nutrient Pollution.  

Inhofe said, “I am pleased to have at today’s hearing Ms. Shellie Chard-McClary, Division Director, Water Quality Division, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and Mr. Richard Budell, Director, Office of Agricultural Water Policy, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Both Oklahoma and Florida have taken distinct approaches to dealing with nutrients based on their states’ water bodies, climates, and economies. I am grateful to have heard about Oklahoma’s approaches to nutrient pollution as well as individual states’ perspective on water body issues and their common sense approach to managing complex environmental regulations.” 

Rural water issues are a top priority for Inhofe.  Since the 108th Congress, he has co-authored and cosponsored legislation addressing unfunded clean water mandates by providing additional resources for small communities through the State Revolving Loan Funds. Inhofe also led the fight against the Clean Water Restoration Act, a bill that would have empowered the federal government to regulate practically every body of water in the country, no matter how small, and extended the scope and reach of federal water jurisdiction beyond anything that ever existed under the Clean Water Act.