Senate Reverses Course on U.N. Global Taxes

Democratic Majority Removes Decade-Long Policy Prohibiting UN Taxation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe’s (R-Okla.) amendment (S.Amdt. 613) to the omnibus appropriations bill (H.R. 1105) was voted on today in the Senate and failed by a vote to 43-51. Senator Inhofe’s amendment sought to reinstitute a long-standing policy of preventing the United Nations from using any U.S. funds from appropriations bill to pursue global tax schemes.  This provision has appeared in every annual appropriations bill since 1996, and this year marks the first time an annual appropriations bill will not contain this policy.

“Prohibiting U.S. taxpayers funding of U.N. global taxes in annual appropriations bills has been a bipartisan U.S. policy that began over a decade ago under the Clinton Administration,” Senator Inhofe said. “My amendment to the FY’09 omnibus appropriations bill would have reinstated this important U.S. policy and ensured that officials at the U.N. and other international bureaucracies who receive generous funding from U.S. taxpayers do not pursue or implement policies of international taxes on U.S. taxpayers.


“I am disappointed that the Democratic Majority in the Senate today has reversed course on this longstanding US policy.”

Link to Senator Inhofe’s Floor Speech upon introduction of the amendment