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Press Releases

December 2019
Inhofe Questions Witnesses at Armed Services Committee Hearing on National Defense Strategy
ICYMI: Inhofe, Senate Armed Services Committee Press Service Secretaries, Chiefs on Privatized Military Housing Crisis
Oklahoma Delegation Unified in Support of USMCA
ICYMI: Inhofe Opening Remarks at Armed Services Committee Hearing on National Defense Strategy
Inhofe Praises EPA Action to Improve the NSR Permitting Program
ICYMI: Inhofe Questions Service Secretaries About Substandard Conditions in Privatized Military Housing
ICYMI: Inhofe Delivers Opening Remarks at Privatized Military Housing Hearing
Inhofe Praises Senate Confirmation of Brouillette as Energy Secretary
November 2019
Inhofe Statement on Secretary Spencer
Inhofe, Reed, Risch, Menendez Welcome Republic of Korea’s Decision Not to Withdraw From GSOMIA
In Their Words: Praise for Inhofe's Keep Our Communities Safe Act
Inhofe, Lankford Applaud the Advancement of Bernard Jones
Inhofe Praises EPA Finalized Risk Management Program Reconsideration Rule Aiding First Responders, Reducing Unnecessary Burdens
Inhofe Statement on Vance Air Force Base
Inhofe, Reed, Risch, Menendez Reaffirm Importance of General Security of Military Information Agreement between the Republic of Korea and Japan
Inhofe and Reed: Air Force, Balfour Beatty Must Address Allegations of Fraud in Military Housing Program
Inhofe Praises Senate Passage of Hong Kong Bills
Inhofe Leads Introduction of CONTRACT Act to Support Air Traffic Controllers
Inhofe Questions Witnesses At EPW Hearing On Water Quality And Section 401
Inhofe, Bipartisan Leaders of Key Senate Committees Urge New National Security Adviser to Appoint 5G Coordinator